Look ma, no hands! And no feet!

Today was another one of those days I live for.

Today, I was a fairy.

Today, I flew.

Honestly, I’ve never really thought of myself as a fairy kind of person, being a klutz and all. And, to the best of my memory, I don’t think I’ve ever played a fairy. The closest was when I played Ariel in a college production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. But I was more like a mischievous pixie than a fairy in that performance.

Nevertheless, the director cast me because he thought I look like a fairy, so I did my best to look like one.

I know. Fairies don’t clasp their hands like that. But I don’t have a lot of experience being dainty and graceful. So at that point of time, I felt a little lost.

The makeup artist said I look like a Taiwanese starlet in this picture. Hmm.

Must be the fake dolly eyelashes.

Never mind that, though. The highlight of the day was the flying. See how I am suspended in air in the first picture? I’m a little sad they didn’t get a photo of me all the way up at the ceiling. Maybe everyone was too busy looking up my dress to think about taking a photo.

Kidding! No, really. Everyone was really professional and there was nothing to look up at anyway because I was totally covered up in safety devices.

The first time I got pulled up was a little freaky. I have mild acrophobia. But I got over it really quickly, like within 10 seconds, because it was really fun. I could have done it all day.

We were filming a sequence for a short Chingay 2006 animated video clip. Yeah, it’s mostly animation but I will be making an appearance in the beginning of it.

Because it’s an animation, I will get CG wings and fairy dust! Coolness or not?!

Everyone thought I would be really tired after a few hours of “flying” but I wasn’t. After the shoot, I told the director I wanted to do it again.

I meant in the future. Like, you know, give me more action, stunt-packed roles. I will do my own stunts!

8 thoughts on “Look ma, no hands! And no feet!

  1. Avatar

    Woo….green screen! Now you’ll be every geek’s wallpaper. :D
    Congrats Shey!

    For the flying, was the hoisting done by a machine or were there couple of tough guys yanking on the cable to pull you up?

  2. Avatar

    Ruok: You’ll have a chance next time, I’m sure. It’s not that uncommon. :P

    Mince Pye: Right. But I doubt it. :P

    Moralis: Er… geek’s wallpaper? Hmm. Me, I was hoisted by tough guys. I felt really bad every time we had to do another take. It looked like a really tough job. =P

  3. Avatar

    Starlandliu: Cool. I love watching Making Of programmes. Lots of interesting stuff in those. ;)

    Swordplay: Supposed to be fairy. Stop being smart. =P

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