Daily Journal – September 23

Daily Journal - September 23




Woke up at 5 am and couldn’t fall back asleep for 30m so got up to work on my daily pages. Finally managed to get up to date!


The great thing about getting up early is that I have more time to do all my stuff. The bad thing is that I am a useless sack potatoes by mid-PM. Like my body has turned into a giant lump of metal and I can’t move. If I manage to move myself by sheer will to accomplish tasks, I am so sluggish I feel like I’m moving in a dream world where quicksand is the default land.


I started allowing myself tiny amounts of sweet snacks, like once a week. But it’s a bad idea. It’s waking up my sweet cravings big time! Nooo!


Today I decided to take my daily walk earlier to see if I can shake off the sluggishness. Piers was gardening so it was nice to have some company. We didn’t talk much since he was stuck at one spot while I was walking all over the place. But we made faces at each other whenever I walked past him and that was kind of nice.


I’m grateful for warm clothes and heating as the days start getting colder.


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Daily Journal – September 21 + 22

Daily Journal - September 21 + 22


Transcription – September 21

Hemp Milk

Tried hemp milk today. It is properly disgusting. It tastes like chalk, or dust, or ash. Not that I’ve tasted any of those, but hemp milk is what I imagine those things mixed in water would taste like. I don’t know what the reviewers who said this product is delicious are thinking. I had it with oats and had to gag it down.

Brad Pitt

Watched Burn After Reading. Partway through, I thought it gave me Fargo vibes. Sure enough it’s a Coen brothers movie! Brad Pitt is really good at playing ditzy and crazy (12 Monkeys, lol).


Grateful for uninterrupted sleep today. Still was not long enough but I must be thankful for small blessings.

Dark Chocolate

Felt hypoglycaemic in the middle of my walk. Decided to fix it with some dark chocolate. I have disliked dark chocolate all my life but Ocado had sent these over for reviewing and Adam my homeopath says if I must have sweets, choose dark chocolate because it is good for you. So I ate it and enjoyed it somewhat because it is better than no chocolate. But I miss milk chocolate so much! And then I had to pay the price: horrid aftertaste that lingers in my tongue for hours and hours after eating dark chocolate.


Transcription – September 21


I’m not sure whether I’m intolerant to the lactose or casein in milk, but Adam said butter is probably ok for me, so I bought some lactose-free butter just to be as safe as possible. Well, great news! It tastes just as good as Lurpak and I’m so pleased! Life is a little bit less horrid now.

Speaking of which, I stopped getting back acne about a month after quitting dairy and going low sugar. So that’s kind of great but which one was causing the acne? Or was it both? I should have tried quitting one at a time!

Walking indoors

It rained all day today, which is great news for the garden, but bad news for my routine. I don’t want to go out there to walk when it’s wet and cold! Piers suggested I just walk around the living room, which sounds unappealing but was the best option.

I put Harry Potter on the Bluetooth speaker and started walking. A minute later, I had a better idea. I put Netflix on and started walking on the spot in front of the TV. Home gym sorted!


I’m grateful for humour and funny people and for the ability to laugh with a passion.


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Daily Journal – September 20

Daily Journal - September 20



Cleaning Sorcery

When our cleaner first came to inspect our house, she said it’d take 2-3 hours for two cleaners to clean the whole house. That includes hoovering, dusting, and cleaning surfaces and walls and doors and windows and mirrors and baths and toilets. I didn’t believe her because it takes me 2 hours just to clean ONE shower.

Even accounting for my OCD and perfectionism, so maybe halving my time, I feel it’d still take 20 man hours to clean the entire house. They took 2.5 hours (5 man hours). Wtf is their sorcery and wtf is wrong with me?

They did miss some spots here and there but the house is pretty clean on the whole and I can live with it if it means I won’t have to clean it myself. That means we’ll be seeing them again. Yay!

Chimney Sweeping

We also had the chimney sweep over today. Wen was very amused when I told her. In her own words:

What is a chimney sweep!!!!

I mean, how do you answer a question like that? To be fair, the chimney sweep didn’t sweep the chimney so much as he hoovered and brushed it. He brought a giant Henry Hoover and many long brushes with strange heads. He was also very young and handsome, like movie star quality. Too bad they only need to sweep the chimney once a year, lol.


Grateful for a clean house today!


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Daily Journal – September 18

Daily Journal - September 18



Netflix and walk isn’t working out for me. Holding my phone up at eye level while walking (to protect my neck) is causing back and shoulder strain. Luckily, I have a new Audible credit today!

After deliberating for a month, I’ve decided to give Harry Potter a go because Stephen Fry! I adore the man’s accent. Plus it seems like almost everyone in the bujo community are HP fans and I am feeling left out.

I read the first four books like 18 years ago (OMG) and also watched the first few movies. The books were a gift and I enjoyed them enough. Just not enough to feel compelled to continue with new releases.

But my BeatsX earphones have been broken for many days now. I can’t use my wired ones because stupid iPhone 8+ doesn’t have a jack. My Beats Solo3 is out of juice. I have audio devices galore but I can’t use any!

I am so pleased with my decision. Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter is better than I imagined. He makes dialogue funnier and just brings the whole thing to life. I might even give Sherlock Holmes a try after I finish the HP series!

I love going for walks again now!


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Daily Journal – September 17

Daily Journal - September 17



Midnight Wanderer

I have lost the plot. Piers got up this morning while it was still dark and fumbled his way downstairs. I was awakened briefly to wonder where he’s going. Then I fell back asleep. I slept restlessly the next few hours, puzzled. Maybe he had an early race, but he usually tells me about it. But I was too tired and needed the sleep so I tried to stop worrying.

I finally got up at 9 am, too troubled to sleep anymore. Searched the house. No Piers. Car not in garage. I texted him:

“Hey, where did you go so early in the morning?”

He didn’t reply until two nerve-wracking minutes later…

“Work, lol. Where else?”

Holy bananas I totally forgot it was Monday even though the last thing I did before going to bed was prepare my Monday health tracker and to-dos. I need a new brain, stat.


I’m so grateful for my F2F August Top Player prize! It came in the mail today and consists of:

  • Pack of assorted cute post-its
  • 2 cute mini book binder clips
  • 2 cute mini pegs
  • Pink sachet of tea
  • Baby Groot sticker
  • Handmade certificate of achievement
  • Handmade cute bookmark
  • Handmade little Sherlock!!!

I’m so amazed how nice the F2F ladies are, working hard to make the group fun and giving out bespoke prizes to winning members. It’s so inspiring!


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