Daily Journal – September 15 + 16

Daily Journal - September 15 + 16


Transcription – September 15

Netflix and Walk

I finished my Audible book and haven’t got a new credit so I decided to watch Netflix during my walk, lol. I’m only walking in my garden so it’s safe. I don’t know about eyesight but I have so many shows I need to watch but have no time so I thought this is a great idea!

I chose to watch 3%. We watched 2 episodes when it first came out but Piers didn’t like it so we stopped but I’ve been wanting to pick it up again. It’s going great so far but my arm is sore from holding my phone at eye level the whole walk!

Stupid dream

Um, so, I dreamt last night that I was late to brother’s wedding because I followed the wrong people, like, twice! Dreams are always so stupid!


I’m grateful for my sushi breakfast even though it’s only supermarket sushi and isn’t the best. But I love sushi for breakfast and not having to cook!


Ticked all my daily habits. Did some laundry. Spent all my free time on bujo. LOL. The last one is not quite a win but let’s not quibble over definitions.


Ate an entire packet of Walkers Sensations Bangkok Streetmix. This is not a good idea, young lady. Thou shalt repent!


Transcription – September 16


I had to write 6 items of gratitude a day when I was doing BSJ. So why is it so difficult to do just one each day now? Geez, ok, I’m grateful for cute stationery, lol.


Made a smoothie with blueberries, a banana and cashew milk for a F2F task. It wasn’t all nice because healthy! But I drank it all. LOL.


I ate 2,000 calories today OMG someone shoot me. Reminder: Do not eat 2 burgers for dinner again, ever! OMG.


My sleep has improved slightly this week, in that I spent a bit more time in bed asleep instead of awake. However, deep sleep levels have been more dismal and I’ve been feeling especially fatigued all week, even on days when I had 7-9 hours’ sleep.

It’s funny how fatigue creeps up on you slowly over the years so you don’t realise something is wrong until after many years believing you’ve become boring and grumpy, not wanting to do anything. But the culprit is fatigue!

Great Movie

Hidden Figures is a really great film! It’s about 3 black female mathematicians who made significant contributions to NASA in the 1960s despite racial segregation. It’s very moving!


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Daily Journal – September 13

Daily Journal - September 13



My Instagram hit 2,000 followers today! What? I still haven’t got over hitting 1,000 a month ago, so I’m getting some compounded shock here. Still, I’m so thankful to people who choose to look at my pages every day. I feel undeserving!

Women’s Institute

Went to my first women’s institute meeting today at the village hall. Our village’s WI is 99 years old this year so I feel like I’m joining a bit of history. They did warn me that the average age in the group is, well, pensioner age, but there are a few young ladies as well. If there are, they weren’t at today’s meeting.

I felt a little out of place, being the only non-Brit and “young person”. But they were all so lovely and welcoming. I do enjoy different age groups because different perspectives and ideas make interesting conversation!

Stressed Cat

Didn’t have time to go for a walk today because of WI. That means I’ll have to walk more tomorrow to make up my weekly steps goal.

I’m always very stressed on the days I have to go out because it means I must rush through some daily things and give up others.

Why am I so abnormal? People go out all the time and are fine but my life falls apart when I go out!


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Daily Journal – September 10

Daily Journal - September 10



Fresh Start

Today is Fresh Start Day! It’s only the 6,304th Fresh Start Day of my life, lol. But one must never stop trying to better one’s life!


Woke up with painful cramps and thought I wasn’t going to be able to do my morning habits, especially yoga. So much for Fresh Start Day! But, luckily, the pain subsided and I was able to get up and tick all my morning habits boxes. Yay to small victories!


Started logging iron and calcium today. Haven’t found a good app that will break down my minerals intake so I’m doing it manually using Google. It is super tedious googling every single item I eat and calculating the numbers for my serving sizes, but I love filling in my new health tracker. I just love my bujo so much!


Today went well. Ticked all boxes. Tonight I start a new habit of no screens (except Kindle) 2 hours before sleeping. That terrifies me so I’ve never attempted it until now. It is going to be very inconvenient but I have to try to give myself a better chance at sleeping well.


Today I am grateful for the enjoyment of reading. It is so rare for me to be able to find books these days I can get engrossed in!


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Daily Journal – September 9

Daily Journal - September 9




I feel good today! I spent all day making my trackers and planners for September so now I feel like I can be organised and productive. I had felt so lost all week!

There are new things I’ll be tracking and new things always make me so excited! I have a new health tracker and I’ll have to move my daily food logs there, meaning my daily pages will have more space for my nonsense! Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

I asked on Insta whether I should squeeze two days’ worth of my writings into one page, or stick with one day a page. 67% voted for one day a page. Well, thank you, people. I guess I should be happy people want more, lol.


Today I’m grateful for fresh starts!


One of the challenges in Fandom to Fitness this week: Take a photo doing a front kick! That was really fun and made me miss all the martial arts lessons I took in the past!


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Daily Journal – September 8

Daily Journal - September 8



Poster Boy

Piers is surely the poster boy for British politeness. Today he drove me to my homeopathy appointment, 30m there and 30 back, with an hour wait. When we got back, I thanked him.

His response: “Thank you!”

“Why are you thanking me?” I asked.

“Er…,” he said, “For thanking me!”

Racer Boy

Piers drove Olive instead of Miyako today because it was sunny and he wanted the top down. I don’t like going in Olive because her seats are hard and Piers drives like he’s in the Formula One. He denies it. But, then, Fitbit logged our 2 trips as “outdoor biking”, lolololol. That never happens in Miyako so… LOL.


Olive (TVR Tuscan) and Miyako (Aston Martin Vantage)


Birdie Poo

A little green bird flew into the conservatory today! That’s never happened in the year we’ve lived here. I wish we could keep it but Piers said it will shit everywhere, so he gently shooed it outside. Aww!

(Note: It did poo onto a chair before it flew outside again!)


I’m grateful for a nice day today filled with happy things.


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