Hobbies to drive your spouse crazy

There must be nothing more annoying than a friend or family member learning a new language (except maybe a friend or family member learning piano or violin or the trombone). These linguist-wannabes would go around all day saying asinine things like “I am eating an apple” (in whatever language) even if it’s blindingly obvious that they are not, in fact, eating anything at all.

They would tell you in earnest: “The cat is black and the orange is orange,” and you would wonder about ringing up their therapist.

And maybe you should because goodness knows everyone needs a therapist these days.


Comic - Learning a new language


I should know because, right now, I am spouting truisms such as “el vino y la manzana son rojos” on a daily basis. (For the Spanish-challenged, this means “the wine and the apple are red”.) I am diligent in practising my sentences because I’m sure they will come in handy when I next visit Spain.

“El vino y la manzana son rojos,” I will say to the nice lady ringing up my shopping at the supermarket while I point at the apple and the delectable bottle of Spanish wine in my basket.

And she will clap her hands in glee and give me a discount because I just said something very useful to her.


Comic - Learning a new language 2


All I need to do is make sure that I preserve my sanity long enough to even make the trip to Spain. One does tend to feel a bit crazy after one has kindly informed one’s family for the umpteenth time the colours of various objects in the household and the ways in which one can interact with said objects, only to be met with a blank stare.

For example, I would tell Piers, in Spanish, “The newspaper is black and white. I read the newspaper,” and he would give me either a blank stare or, more often, a “Shall I ring your therapist?” stare, slightly quizzical, slightly worried, but mostly what the fuck.

Perhaps it’s his sanity I should be worried about.


Comic - Learning a new language 3


Now, remember in the beginning I mentioned that someone learning a musical instrument would probably be more annoying than someone telling you dumb things in Spanish all day long?

Well, guess what, I’m buying a piano, too!

Or, rather, Piers has just agreed to buy me a piano!

Ooh. I just realised that he probably isn’t yet aware of the double whammy situation he’s gotten himself into.

Double insanity!

Well, I am not exactly a totally virgin beginner pianist. I took piano lessons when I was 11 for a year or two and passed a few exams. However it HAS been a while, so I’m anticipating long months of banging out Yankee Doodle or whatever stupid songs they make you learn in piano these days.

I should probably put a therapist on our speed dial.

On the health front, I’ve decided to give yoga another try. (Went to a class a long time ago and hated it because it was so boring.) But I need to like it because of, well, health reasons, lol, so I’m going to try it at home first (using yoga apps on the iPad) and see how that works out before going to actual classes.

Perhaps Piers will be so distracted (and distraught) by the crazy poses that he won’t notice the other hobbies!


Comic - Yoga


There’s a plan, huh?

Probably not a very good one but we all gotta do what we all gotta do and spouses gotta put up with it. :D

Will keep you posted on outcomes!


So easy to get in2it


I shall make a checklist now. That’s my task.

Your task is to mentally tick all items that apply!


  1. You are always bored.
  2. You want to do a specific activity (say, mountain climbing) but your buddies aren’t into it.
  3. You want to find a boyfriend.
  4. You want to find a girlfriend.
  5. Okay, fine, you just want to make more friends or network.
  6. You want to know what’s fun to do in Singapore.
  7. You enjoy having a sense of belonging.
  8. You need more hobbies.
  9. You like taking part in contests and winning prizes.

That’s enough for now. Done?

Now, I shall tell you what this is all about.

See, if you placed even one tiny tick on any of the above items, it means you should check out this place called in2it.sg! =D

It’s a lifestyle portal which helps connect people who have the same interests!

So, I just signed up for fun. See, here’s my profile page:


There’s a buddy system in there which allows you to search for buddies by interest, so you can easily connect with someone who enjoys the same things as you!

For NSmen, you can even search by ORD! LOL.

Well, this portal was created by SAFRA so I suppose it’s geared towards NSmen. Many articles in there cater to guys (cars, gadgets, how to read girls’ body language, etc). Also, SAFRA members get occasional perks like discounts and stuff.

But girls and non-members can join also lah. I see girl members in there!!


Who are these cuties?! =D

Fuse is the club for clubbing peeps. LOL ok I shall explain about clubs now.

There are 19 SAFRA-run clubs which you can join for planned outings in your interest area, where you also get discounts and privileges!

Some example clubs here:


Besides clubs, there are also user-created interest groups for gathering like-minded people. You can create a group easily and have the system recommend people to invite!

You can also create public activities which will appear on all members’ in2it.sg homepage with an option to join your activity. (Or create private activities just for friends.)

Anyway, signing up is free, so no harm trying, right? There’s a series of six contests happening right now as part of in2it.sg’s first-year anniversary celebrations, so please try to win yourself something! $5,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. Whee!


The contests are only happening in March so now’s a good time to sign up! =)

If you’re an SAF NSman, receive a 2GB thumbdrive for being the first 100 to sign up. You need to do two things on signing:

  1. Use WMGi as the referral code.
  2. After logging in, update your profile to indicate you’re an SAF NSman.

So not fair lah, you guys get all the perks!

But, anyway, my job is done now. So…

No, wait wait wait… one more thing!



Be a fan and win prizes from the many contests! ;)

Okay, my job done!

Your job: Get in2it and have some fun! ;)