Journal – October 30-31

Journal - October 30-31




I’m so grateful that my Instagram account is continuing to grow at a steady rate. As of today, I have 8,000 followers! Although I have some small confidence in my ability to make neat and aesthetic pages, I am still baffled by the number of people who actually like my pages. There are so many real talents in the bujo and artistic community whose work I envy. I feel like I need to take some art classes before I can begin to deserve some of the compliments that people so generously give me. And I will do that when I can squeeze some time out. In the meantime, I can only be grateful for the likes and follows. While it confuses me, it does make me happy!

Goodbye October

Goodbye October! It’s been a frantic month as usual, but a great one, because I had all these people to share it with!

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