Journal – October 1

Journal - October 1




I’m grateful for a happy start to a new month! My Instagram reached 3K followers today and I can’t quite believe it. I feel so thankful to have found something I enjoy doing which people seem to enjoy, too!


The start of the month seems to also have brought a sudden new chill. I went to bed wearing 3 layers – a t-shirt, thick cotton pyjamas AND a thick fluffy dressing gown. On top of that, I was buried under our down and feather duvet. I still woke up at 3 am freezing my butt off! And there was Piers, sleeping happily, topless.


I can’t keep up with daily pages anymore, not if I want to free up some time to work on monthly trackers and planners, and allow for unforeseen events. I will do a daily every 2 or 3 days now. But then I can’t call it a daily anymore, can I? What do I call it? A bidaily?


Tried a guided meditation on Daily Yoga. It was so bad! Like he was trying to sound soothing but it sounded like he was telling children a ghost story!


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