Daily Journal – September 9

Daily Journal - September 9




I feel good today! I spent all day making my trackers and planners for September so now I feel like I can be organised and productive. I had felt so lost all week!

There are new things I’ll be tracking and new things always make me so excited! I have a new health tracker and I’ll have to move my daily food logs there, meaning my daily pages will have more space for my nonsense! Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

I asked on Insta whether I should squeeze two days’ worth of my writings into one page, or stick with one day a page. 67% voted for one day a page. Well, thank you, people. I guess I should be happy people want more, lol.


Today I’m grateful for fresh starts!


One of the challenges in Fandom to Fitness this week: Take a photo doing a front kick! That was really fun and made me miss all the martial arts lessons I took in the past!


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