Daily Journal – September 11

Daily Journal - September 11




I’m grateful for the times I get to spend on my bujo because I enjoy every minute of it and it relaxes me. And then it makes me happy to see my pages fill up.


But I do wish I had more time for everything. I feel like I have fewer hours in a day than the average person because I spend a lot of time in bed trying to sleep. Then, I spend a lot of time in my day feeling fatigued and it takes me a lot longer to do anything.


7+ years in England and I’m still learning new things. Piers told me Brits tend to eat only one proper cooked meal a day, either at lunch or dinner time. Mind blown. All the redundant cooking I’ve done!


No screens 2 hours before bed did not work. I woke up 4.5 hours into my sleep and couldn’t fall back asleep for the next 1.5 hours. Of course, it’s only been one night and I was not expecting a miracle. I’m prepared to keep at it until I see an improvement or until everything goes to shit again, lol.


Got an Amazon Prime delivery today of one card, by a young lady driving a normal car. How strange. Also, it made me feel guilty.


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