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Aug 13

Yes! My infograph was a huge success!

Seven people saw it and took pity on me! :D

They helped me take part in the first Nuffnang UK challenge by answering this question, “If Sheylara.com was a film, which would it be and why?”


Lovely tweets from lovely people


Thank you so much! I love all your answers! :)

Honestly, I was expecting only one response. Maybe two, at the most, if I count Piers, lol. Because I’ve noticed that it’s really, really difficult to get people to response to any social media stuff these days cos there’s just too much activity going on everywhere. So I’m very grateful to you peeps!


Well, the second challenge is up!


2nd Nuffnang UK challenge


I wonder where they’re heading with these kinda questions! I feel embarrassed asking them!

But please tweet an answer, anyway!

Closing date is end of Thursday (midnight) GMT!

Thank you sooooooooooo much!


How can I ever repay you?


I’m sorry there is no infographic today. Haha. I’ve been busy working on my blog redesign and drawings!

So maybe I’ll only have one response for this, if I’m lucky.

Will I?

Love, Sheylara
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10 Responses to “Nuffnang UK challenge update”

  1. Pepper says:

    If I was on Twitter I would say Angelina Jolie should play the famous blogger Sheylara. It would have to be a concept piece, for obvious reasons, but I think she could pulling it off. :)

  2. jeshika says:

    But you are not even british so why be apart of this? Why don’t you be part of Singapore NF?

  3. Sheylara says:

    @Pepper: Why aren’t you on Twitter? :) Hmm Angelina Jolie looks nothing like me, though. But I would love her to play me lol. She’s one of my favourite actresses!

    @jeshika: Because I live in the UK. I can’t be a part of Singapore Nuffnang because they always have meet-ups and stuff which I can’t attend. And some competitions also need you to be physically there.

  4. Jade says:

    Tanya Chua of S’pore coz there is a similarity! ;)!

  5. Pepper says:

    They did a study on me a few years ago and it seems Twitter made me more stupid, so I got off. Now I’m less stupid according to the study :P

    That’s why it would have to be a concept piece. She looks nothing like you, but it’s the concept that counts (artsy) :P

  6. Sheylara says:

    @Jade: Hiya! Thank you for dropping by and commenting! :D The entry needs to be made on Twitter with my Twitter ID (@sheylara) and the hashtag (#tellNuffnang), but it’s ok if you don’t have a Twitter account. no problem! Just happy to see you here! :D

    @Pepper: Haha, good job. I’m glad to hear that you’re more intelligent now! :P

  7. Pepper says:

    Who said anything about being more intelligent?? I’m just less stupid lol :P

  8. Sheylara says:

    Haha, I’m sure it’s the same thing! ;)

  9. Pepper says:

    I have a backup actress who can play Sheylara if Angelina Jolie is not available.

    Shen Qiaoyun looks just like you! She has been in movies before and she is pretty famous! I bet she could pull the part off. :P

  10. Sheylara says:

    Now, isn’t that a BRILLIANT idea? And you said you weren’t intelligent? :P

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