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May 10

This morning, about 5 am, I opened the door to my bathroom and stepped in with every intention to brush my teeth.

But what greeted me in the bathroom knocked all thoughts of tooth-brushing out of my mind as I stood gawping in wonder and amazement.

I have known all along that moths enjoy visiting my bathroom; it’s a reasonably favourite hangout for them.

But this morning, there was a freaking moth convention in there.

Moth convention

Moth convention

Moth convention

Moth convention

Or maybe it was a beauty pageant, seeing as how all sorts of nationalities had gathered, decked in their national costumes.

These photos were not collected over the months or years. These photos were all taken in my bathroom at 5 am this morning.

Excepting a couple of them, they all tamely sat at their respective spots (whether on walls, floor or ceiling, or rug) and didn’t so much as flutter as I brought my Blackberry within an inch of their faces to photograph them.

(I keep forgetting to charge my camera batteries.)

I don’t know if they’re all moths, especially the green one in the last picture, but, well, they all turned up for the party so they’re all in my gallery. Maybe the green one is an honorary foreign guest speaker. Or maybe he’s breakfast.

Who knows.

When I entered the bathroom an hour later, half of them had gone. Some of the remaining half were still perched on the exact same spot where I left them.

Maybe they fell asleep while the honorary foreign guest speaker was speaking since they couldn’t understand a word of his foreign tongue.

I wonder if any of them laid any eggs. Will there be a moth baby convention next?

Oh, I didn’t remember to brush my teeth until about an hour later.

Love, Sheylara
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16 Responses to “Help! My bathroom is infested with moths”

  1. lyk13 says:

    LOL!!!! Some are not moths, but it should be the weather outside that attracted them into ur bathroom. Uhm…did you leave the lights on before seeing em? o.O

  2. Dallas says:

    I had at most 2 in the bathroom, but this is way too many!

    Well, it’s party time!

  3. tvbaddict says:

    lol.. so many diferent kind of moths at the same time.. all just came out of hibernation …prolly…

  4. Faith says:

    Why were you up at 5 in the morning? And gee, that’s like loads of moths! Got to kill them or they might end up eating your clothes. I loathed them like I loath ants. I kill them with a vengence. Don’t want them to end up eating my clothes!

  5. Cherie says:

    I would have totally freak out if this happens to me, gosh.

  6. Mince Pye says:

    Were they dancing? Perhaps it was Moth Ball.

  7. Reader E says:

    This is a v hilarious post… Had a gd laugh… :)

  8. Realliveman says:

    LOL Good one, Mince Pye!

  9. chak says:

    maybe ur frens decided to pay u a visit….

  10. Ashtar83 says:

    Mighty Mothin’ Powaa Rangers :D

    Summon the Mega Mothzord!!

    hehehe probably rainy weather? or attracted to lights.

  11. RN1209 says:

    @Sheylara: Better moths than roaches…:P

  12. dknypg83 says:

    lol at favourite hangout… lmho at beauty pageant and foreign honorary guest speaker!! with such a fascinating exhibit of moths, i might even forget that i was gonna use the facilities… lol… btw, the green one’s actually a species of mayfly and mayflies live anywhere from two hours to two days – short lifespan… anyway, a funny post indeed!! take care and cheers…

  13. Des says:

    my room has abt 4 to 5 moths in my room..and a few in other rooms..and tonight there were a pair mating at my room window..very hard to chase them away because they were sticking to each other..i hope they don’t decide to lay eggs in my room and start an infestation!! =(

  14. Cozdog says:

    I have the same problem, I’m in England at no with a hot climate at 11pm on the 15th July, I have just counted how many I have, I have 17 moths, 18 daddy long legs and a couple spiders in my bathroom, in my house the bathroom light is left on plus the bathroom offers a moist yet temperate environment for the moths!!!
    I need help too

  15. Cozdog says:

    Mo not no in my previous comment

  16. Lucy says:

    There are quite a few claiming over many bath moths at the moment. In Denmark we call them ‘sommerfuglemyg’ (butterfly mosquitoes) or ‘sovemyg’ (sleepy mosquitoes)

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