Making Hello Kitty Polvoron

One day, the Goonfather brought two cookies home for me. He had gotten them from his Filipino colleague.


Goldilocks Polvoron! They tasted of milk powder and I was about to die of happiness eating them.

So, at first, the Goonfather said he would get his colleague to buy more for us the next time he returns to the Philippines.

And then he said, “Actually, let’s make it ourselves! It’s very easy to make!”

That was how we ended up at Minou’s place on Saturday to make polvoron.

Making Polvoron

Ironically, the Goonfather wasn’t involved. He was outside the whole day fixing Makkuro (our car) and my new PC.

It’s very easy to make. No baking involved! And the only ingredients needed are flour, milk powder, sugar and butter. I think vanilla essence is optional. We used the recipe from this website.

You do need to cook the flour a little in a pan.

Our first batch of batter was a failure. We learnt that flour gets burnt very easily, and cookies taste disgusting with burnt flour.

Making Polvoron

So we made up another batch and Minou brought out the electric mixer because, using manual mixing, the first batch didn’t turn out fine enough.

Making Polvoron

Minou also had lots of cute moulds we could use to shape our polvoron.

Making Polvoron

The non-burnt batter had a nicer colour.

Making Polvoron

After the batter was done, all we had to do was press the powder into little shapes, then refrigerate them for 30 minutes and they would be ready to eat!

Making Polvoron

The batter was very crumbly and quite hard to press. First failure:

Making Polvoron

First success!

Making Polvoron

But as you can see, it’s so crumbly it’s hard to make it perfect. Kind of like trying to build a sand castle using too-dry sand.

Whole plate!

Making Polvoron

Stitch was hard to make because his ears didn’t have much surface area to stick to the rest of the head, so they broke off easily.

Here’s a plate after refrigeration and ready to eat. Not much difference, lol.

Making Polvoron

It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t entirely like the one I ate. Ours tasted like condensed milk for some reason. Too sweet! Maybe because Nespray milk powder is already sweet to begin with.

Still, eating Hello Kitty polvoron is happiness!

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