Win a stylish LG GD900 Crystal phone!


You read absolutely right., in partnership with LG, is giving away a brand new LG GD900 Crystal, the world’s first transparent design phone.

LG GD900 Crystal

It’s so gorgeous and totally cool, being a cutting-edge smartphone that also doubles up as a fashion accessory! We really need more of these in the world!

Made with tempered glass, the keypad slides open to reveal a bluish-white glow that illuminates the numbers so you can see what you’re dialling.

LG GD900 Crystal

Sorry my photo is quite crappy but you get the rough idea.

The keypad basically acts like a laptop touchpad, used to navigate phone functions. You could even make your own shortcut symbols to instantly access favourite features.

For example, you might tell your phone that if you draw a circle on the keypad, it should open up an Internet browser. Or anything like that!

It’s really fun!

LG GD900 Crystal

You could also navigate around the phone by using the 3-inch WVGA LCD touchscreen. Very flexible.

Here’s how it looks with the keypad slid home.

LG GD900 Crystal

Check out this video to see how awesome it is!

Whee! And now…

Win an LG GD900 Crystal!!

It’s very simple!

Just provide a caption or title for this photo! =)

LG GD900 Crystal

We’re looking for creative, funny, witty, clever, outstanding, interesting, or any combination of those.

The writer of the best caption, to be judged by LG, will win the phone!


  1. Please e-mail your caption to, together with your name and phone number.
  2. Post a comment here about anything, using the same name.
  3. Closing date is June 19, 2009, 11:59 pm.
  4. Winner must self-collect phone.

All the best!

LG GD900 Crystal

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158 thoughts on “Win a stylish LG GD900 Crystal phone!

  1. So let me see. I have a great caption, but if I win I have to fly to Singapore and get the phone from you and fly back home.

    Whatever happen to globalization?

    I suppose I will have to…….again, live with my blackberry :(

  2. Thanks everyone! I have received all your captions. :)

    Realliveman: Well, you could still try… and send a rep to collect on your behalf. :P

    yongwei92: Haha very funny. You massacred my photo! :P :P

    Keep the entries coming, all!

  3. submitted i really love this phone
    I even did my powerpoint presentation class on this LG crystal

  4. this phone is so chio! i will definitely show off this phone, if i have it, to all my friends until THEY GOT THE SAME CHIO PHONE AS ME!

  5. SUBMITEED! That’s really a great phone! Can’t wait to see one in real life, even better own one!

  6. Hi Sheylara,
    I’ve submitted my attempt. Do need a phone to replace my current phone before it decides to fly off to handphone heaven.

    I’m still using SE T610….. :D

  7. its really a cool phone & i believe u guys had give it all to the photo shoot.. but look forward & improve. cheers. keep up d effort.

  8. hi.. sheylara i just mail you my caption.. hehe.. hope i can win.. then i treat u eat.. haha.. hope to heard from u or the LG judge soon.. (^_^)

  9. Hi… sheylara.. hope i can win this great phone.. hope that my caption will get choose.. and also hope to heard from u or the LG judge asap.. =p

  10. Hi Sheylara, I have submitted a roughly 20 words caption. I hope it is not too long for a caption or title.
    Nice photo anyway. Look forward for more contests.

  11. Hi Sheylara,

    Thanks for the information: ) I had send in the photo contest, hope i can win : ) The Phone is Cool, Stylish and special. Love LG : O

  12. Hi Sheylara,

    The guy who ask you how to pronounce your name at the Flash Mob if you remember.

    You are really gorgeous that day!

    Was great to see you in person for the 1st time even though I saw u on TV before.

    See you at the next event!

    William Tan

  13. Thanks, everyone, for mailing your entries! Also, for the compliments! :)

    William: It’s great to meet you and Shaun on Saturday. Thanks for the follow! You guys are pretty cool! Love your dressing… and your PJs! ;)

  14. Sent my caption!
    Hope I’ll win!
    Cos my phone just parents kinda tight on hands now, so need to get a phone on my own desperately. :/

  15. Nice touch writing the message on a transparent board.

    What luck! I’m currently overseas in Taiwanand decided to visit to your blog for the first time as I’ve been reading STOMP’s Star Blog recently and you’re quite funny. And somehow I just chanced upon this contest.

    Since I need a phone to replace my “rusting” one, thought I’ll enter the contest and hope I can strike lucky twice!! :P

  16. Sent in my entry as well.

    Very good response. Good luck to everyone taking part and may the nuttiest quote win ~

  17. Well, well I’ve sent in my entry.
    Hope that I can get this phone for absolutely free.
    Such a beauty deserves babelicious owners like U n Me!

  18. hii i really want that phone because i didnt get anthing for the last two christmas this year :( ecause my mum and dad couldent afford me the lg crystal and because we cannot spend any money on presents :( also i am quite jealouse because at school eveyoe is showing off with there flashy phones and now i really want one :) because i have never had a phone in my whole entire life so it would make me very happy for me to have a phone and it would make my mum and dad happy to see me have something i have..for once. :)

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