Sheylara with curls (rare photos)

Sitting in the makeup seat in an SPH photo studio, I was horrified when the makeup-artist-cum-hairstylist announced, “I will give her curls.”

It wasn’t armageddon-degree horror, but close enough.

Not that I have anything against curly hair, but it’s just not me. And in this particular photoshoot, I was supposed to be me and not some generic model.

A bunch of people had been invited to be featured in a Christmas special (I think) for Digital Life and we were told to wear a black jacket with a white top and a black bottom.

But I didn’t know what the interview was going to be about because it was arranged for me by a third party and I just had to turn up. When I was there, I found out the theme was “corporate”, which added another degree of horror to my state of mind.

Things that are not me: Corporate, elegant, graceful, curly hair.

The adventurous me delighted in my new look, of course, but the me me felt fake and uncomfortable.

It’s fortunate that I have a split personality or I would have been traumatised beyond recovery a long time ago, since I do chance to get a funny new look every once in a while.

Well, I suppose I don’t look too bad like this. Just different. (And not me.)

I went home in this get-up (by MRT) feeling weird, knowing it was just pointless paranoia but still feeling it.

I would have felt more comfortable going home in a bunny suit complete with floppy ears and a bob tail.

I’m serious.

I can be crazy and nutty and psychotic but I can never be a graceful, mature lady.

I felt a little unnatural and awkward posing for the photographs because I never know how to behave when I’m dressed corporate or elegant.

They wanted me to look like a confident career woman, and cheerful. It was a tall order.

I know how to look cute and cheerful, though!!! But, of course, that was wrong for the theme.

I hope my photos turn out okay in the papers, I think tomorrow.

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41 thoughts on “Sheylara with curls (rare photos)

  1. Avatar

    Wow… you look gorgeous. Very nice. Even my wife says so.

    A new and fresh look. You look like Tang Maoling in some of the photos. NICE! *Two thumbs up*

  2. Avatar

    Straight away post my comments after seeing your new look without reading on.

    Now after reading the full post, will be looking forward to Digital Life tmr. *Proceed to set alarm to wake up at 5am to ambush newspaper delivery guy*

  3. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Hmmm, welcome to the realm of wavy hair, hehe:) I know its a strange experience, but I do hope you at least try to enjoy your stay there and explore before running back to the comfort and familiarity of the “YOU” look.
    Anyway, I think the new style frames your face rather well!:) It definitely qualifies to be an unofficial entry in your “Fashion Diary”. Will look out for the DL article in the coming edition:)

  4. Avatar

    yeah.. i bet you will wow the kids at children home with that beautiful smile… yeah that will be awesome.. so when are you going to send me a pic of you wearing the tee?? yeah.. whatever..

  5. Avatar

    You look good what…

    When I first saw the picture I was like WoW… this I it… :)

    Can we have more of your “split personality”… ;)

  6. Avatar

    Read your interview in Digital Life today. Thought you will be on the front page. Nevermind lah.

    btw, y they put your age there? Dun there know that is a big no-no for ladies. Hehehe

  7. Avatar

    Wow, I think they look super cute! May have been a tall order, but I think you definitely pulled it off.
    I’m usually not a curl person either, but I’ve recently taken a liking to them.. It’s nice to do something different than the usual sometimes.

  8. Avatar

    @tiger4: Oh no, looks like I’ll have to deploy the neuralyser again….

    @Sheylara: Now then I understand why you called these photos “rare”…

  9. Avatar

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

    Hey, what happened to the layout of your blog? The sidebar is not in its correct position. :(

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