Kicking butt in the media

I received an SMS from a friend today.

He wanted to know why the phrase “kick butt” is always used in association with me in media interviews.

Sheylara in Digital Life

I told him I didn’t know.

But I guess this is what comes from having a reputation as a gamer girl. People like to picture you sitting in LAN shops, peering intently at the screen, fragging the sh*t out of your male friends and crying “PWNZORZZZZZZ!” every time you score a kill.

I wish lah.

I may be a hardcore gamer (when I have time to be) but I’m a carebear at heart. I feel bad when I kill people and I feel bad when people kill me.

Still, I can’t deny there is a certain satisfaction when you reduce someone to a pile bloody mess. I would love to have the time to work on living up to my kick-butt reputation.

Who wants to be target practice for me? =D

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24 thoughts on “Kicking butt in the media

  1. Avatar

    That girl who gets a kick out of killing guys in Counter Strike in a LAN shop?
    That used to be me.

    But I am a big carebear now too.

    Errr…except for Fallout 3.


  2. Avatar

    hey shey…
    have a God bless Christmas.. I’m blessed to know you you inspires me to be a better person.. thanks.. =)

  3. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Target practice for you? Hey, no need to ask! You know where to find me what… By the way, “PWNZORZZZZZZ!” is HILARIOUS!:) I mean, who says that?

  4. Avatar

    I think people like the idea of a girl kicking butts. Maybe it is some sort of perverse ideology. 25… hmm… that picture actually makes you look… more mature :-P

  5. Avatar

    lolx it would be funny when every1 is wishing each other merry christmas and then suddenly hear loud a “PWNZORZZZZZZ!”……lol

  6. Avatar

    @Tiger4: Pai seh bro, I didn’t realise that gadget caused your PC to be unable to access last time. I should get the MIB IT support to run some diagnostics before I deploy it:)

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