Stomp has a new Star Blogger

I’ve been busy travelling and filming all of today and this is the first chance I got to go online, and I only have a bit of time, so I’m just going to make a very small announcement.

Stomp has a new Star Blogger and I think you should check her out!

Star Blog is getting pretty crowded, lol.

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31 thoughts on “Stomp has a new Star Blogger

  1. Thank you guys for all your support! For saying you’ll read my article even if you don’t read Star Blog generally! :) I’m touched!!

    Sorry I won’t be able to reply comments much these days. It’s really no joke juggling 3 blogs and my Xbox duties WHILE filming full time during the day.

    Plus I’m now paying RM15 per hour for Internet connection at the hotel. Don’t tell me about Star Bucks or local coffee shops or what… I doubt I’ll get to see one of those in my week here. :P

    I try to blog offline now and only log in to post. Heh.

    I had a very fun and fulfilling first day in KL. Can’t wait to share with you!

    Thanks again!

  2. @Sheylara: No worries about being unable to comment often. A six-day filming schedule won’t afford anyone much time, let alone a “blog juggler” such as yourself, hehe:) We are all very happy for you. Ditto for me, I only read about Stomp from the daily papers and hardly ever visit the site. But now I will:)

  3. Hmm, anyone notice that there is a distinct skew in the gender makeup of the Star Blog? Its like a 3:1 ratio in favour of the ladies. I wonder why that is… *rolls eyes*
    But of course, I’m glad that one of them is our precious GGF, hehe (nice save?:))

  4. @Sheylara: Pai seh, forgot to ask you this in my earlier comment – Will you be available for the coming Wednesday chat in Stomp? Seems like another version of Xpert duty, hehe:)

  5. @tiger4: Yeah bro, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe that’s part of Stomp’s plan, coz all the other Star bloggers have been there for quite some time, and the site needs a fresh face to boost webhits:) sure worked on us, mah…

  6. RN1209: lol. Yeah, especially with Sheylara wearing that hot dress showing off her figure and legs. *pssss* x 2

    Hey isn’t that the same little black dress she shown us in a previous post?

    Anyway, step aside Jaime Yeo, here comes Sheylara Croft!

  7. @tiger4: Yes, it was in Fashion Diary #20, to be exact. So clever of Stomp to photoshop Sheylara in the Star Blog group pic so there’s no need for them to actually gather again:) I also think Sheylara selected a good pic to rep herself in Star Blog. Simple, yet elegant with a hint of fun!

  8. Wow, thanks for continuing the conversation without me! You guys are great!!! LOVE YOU ALL!

    You can tell I’m very hyper today. I woke up especially early this morning to finish as much work as possible so am feeling a bit stoned and crazy! ;)

    Also want to thank you all for your continued support of my Star Blog. Do post comments there once in a while too if you have time! And come join me in the “live chat” there every Wednesday 9 pm! :)

    (Okay I know this comment is so late that probably no one’s gonna read it anymore, lol.)

  9. @Sheylara: Yeah, I already learnt from you previously that this is the normal practice in journalism:) Even so, no worries, coz it’s a really sweet pic! At least Stomp chooses better than MS, hor*winks*

  10. RN1209: TBH, I don’t really like the Stomp pic leh. But if you guys say it’s nice, then okay, I feel better about it. :P

    heartless: Awww, how can you call yourself heartless when you’re such a sweet guy? ;)

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