French fries and onion rings for dinner

This is seriously crazy.

One night, the Goonfather had a sudden craving for french fries with ketchup, and he kept talking about it until I was dying to eat french fries with ketchup, too.


So we went to Billy Bombers for dinner. (Mr B doesn’t have the best fries, but he has killer onion rings and killer burgers and killer milk shakes.)

We ordered a basket of fries and a bowl of onion rings to start off with. We considered sharing a burger or a plate of honey stung fried chicken (my favourite), but we remembered that the fries and onion rings are huge, so we told our waitress we’d think about the main course later.

The onion rings came first.

[Onion rings]

Beautiful, succulent, golden brown onion rings!

And then the fries.

[French fries]

Thick, crunchy, steamy hot french fries!

With a huge glob of tangy tomato ketchup.


What more could you possibly need at your dinner table??

Maybe a tall glass of creamy vanilla milkshake


Maybe I should stop doing that because I’m sounding like a TV commercial.

But that was some dinner.

The french fries in Billy Bombers are very long and thick. It takes so many bites to finish a stick, especially when its steaming hot.

[Eating a french fry]

I prefer smaller ones.

Not like the gimpy McDonald’s type, but something in between, I guess.

We started feeling full halfway through our meal.

[Half a meal]

Which is ridiculous considering that these were only sides and normal people are expected to finish these and have a main course.

As a side note, while french fries taste sublime with ketchup, onion rings must go with chilli sauce. The Goonfather didn’t believe me until he tried it for himself.

At nearly the end of our meal, when we had a single fry and two onion rings left, the Goonfather made this.

[1 french fry, 2 onion rings]

Don’t look at me. I had no part in this.

I asked him to stop playing with our food, then I ate up the leftovers.

And then we were too full to eat anything else. What a super unhealthy dinner!! (Like we care.)

Here’s the bill, receipt, whatever you wanna call it.


Freaking expensive for a fries and onion rings dinner!!


I think the Goonfather and I are really bad influences on each other.

Survey: What sauce do you like your fries with? I think ketchup is great, but I also like fries with chilli sauce or vanilla ice cream. They’re all so good it’s always so hard to decide!

Damn, now I’m craving fries again.

Misquoted in The Star (for Nuffnang party)

This is a bit old news by now since it happened three days ago.

But that’s the beauty of being a blogger. You can publish any old rubbish that the cat dragged in and no one can complain, because you’re not obliged to publish only fresh news like a newspaper is!

And reading blogs is free, so readers don’t really have a case for complaint, in the first place.

And you don’t have editors maniacally waving their editing scissors at you, threatening to cut away all your self-indulgent digressions.

But I digress.

The Nuffnang Pajama Party was covered by a reporter from The Star, which I’m told is Malaysia’s biggest English-language newspaper.

[The Star's report on Nuffnang Pajama Party]
Link to report.

The reporter (who shall remain nameless here, but whose name is prominently bylined in the article, anyway) interviewed me at the party and included my quote into her news report. That was really sweet of her, but I wish she’d been more conscientious about compiling her quotes.

Because I totally do not talk like this:

[Sheylara's quote in The Star]

Humour me now, please. Read that quote aloud to yourself.

Does anyone even talk like that?! I don’t think I speak long, convoluted sentences and I don’t recall ever using the phrase “as well as” in speech.

I never said I was there to “share the joy of meeting fellow bloggers”.

What I said was, “I’m honoured to be invited to this party! Nuffnang has been through a lot this past year and they’ve come so far. So, I’m really happy to be here to share the joy of celebrating its first anniversary!”

And then she asked me how I felt about the party so far, and I said, “Actually, I’m very pleasantly surprised because I never expected there would be so many games and activities and prizes. It’s great!”

I saw her furiously writing in her notebook while I was talking, so I tried to talk slower. (I was a journalist before so I know the woes of not being able to tape record an interview.)

When she was done furiously writing, I saw that she had only written keywords and not whole sentences.

Then she asked me a few more questions and I guess she didn’t like my answers because she stopped writing furiously.

And, in the end, she just took my bunch of keywords and created a bimbotic, totally unnatural, statement, out of them.

How can lah!

Okay, it’s not really that big a deal, which is why I’m talking about it only three days later. Celebrities and other famous people get misquoted all the time and to worse effect. Haha.

I guess I should just be glad that my reputation hasn’t been harmed.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I should thank the reporter for choosing to use my quote despite there being 300 other people for her to interview. I just wanted to highlight the fact that I don’t talk like she made me out to.

That’s all!

For the record, I actually prefer e-mail or MSN interviews because the reporter can cut and paste and is less likely to make up rubbish sentences for me.

What do you think?

My hard disk died on me!

It never rains but pours!!!

Okay, it hasn’t really been “raining” or “pouring” all that much but I just felt like starting off with some melodrama.

Because one of my new 320GB SATA RAID hard disks JUST DIED ON ME.

It’s not brand-new new, but it’s only six months old so it shouldn’t even be coughing, much less dying!!

It happened when I was looking through my photos trying to decide what to blog about today. I suddenly got a BSoD and the comp rebooted itself.

When it was up and running again, I opened up Firefox and Windows Explorer (to resume looking at my photos) and then the darn thing BSoD’ed again, barely a minute after the reboot!!


I complained to the Goonfather. “My computer BSoD twice in a row!”

“What did you do?” he said, not looking up from his PSP.


“Hahahaha,” he said. “Your photos scared your computer so it shut down.”


(TMD is the abbreviation of a mild Chinese swear phrase that subtly makes mention of a random, anonymous person’s mother. It’s really mild because, in direct translation, it literally says, “His mother’s.”)

((See, my blog is really educational — you get to learn random bits of useless trivia. So, run along and telll all your friends to read my blog.))

(((There’s a restaurant in Singapore which is named that exact phrase, so it is now officially ineffective as a swear phrase.)))

Okay, digression over. Back to my confounded HDD.

The Goonfather, loving and supportive as ever, stopped playing his PSP and came over to investigate my computer.

“Your hard disk is making a funny noise,” he informed me.

“It’s been making this noise right from the start,” I said.

“Really??” He looked surprised and I waited for him to say “why didn’t you tell me before??” but he didn’t.

Still, I went ahead to to preempt his accusation. “I thought the noise was because it’s a new computer, new processor, new casing, lots of new fans.”

The noise isn’t really noisy, anyway, because you can only hear it if you’re sitting right next to the CPU. It’s just kind of weird.

Anyway, the Goonfather said we’ll have to take the hard disk back to the manufacturer.

I said, “What about my data???? I don’t want to end up like Edison Chen and have some gangster steal my photos!”

For the record, I don’t have any nude or lewd photos or anything of the sort, but, all the same, I don’t like the idea of a stranger poking through my files and looking through all my picnic photos, know what I mean?

Fortunately, the Goonfather has a solution for everything.

I have two other old hard disks in my computer because my PC is acting as a file server for the Goonfather’s laptop. So he helped me back up all my stuff into the old hard disks and am now reformatting the dead new disk.

Yay! My data and my photos are safe from strange prying eyes!!

I am now using his laptop to blog!

That means no photos! Because I don’t want to touch stuff in any of the hard disks right now. Plus the Goonfather has no Photoshop. How can anyone live without Photoshop?? It’s inconceivable!

My PC will probably take a few days to recover. In the meantime, I’ll be blogging on the Goonfather’s laptop, but I really hate it because it feels foreign and uncomfortable.

It’s kinda like sleeping on someone else’s bed in a foreign country. Like you get a sudden feeling to reach over and pat your little bunny plushie and you reach over but it’s not there because you’re not in your own bed in your own home.

If I don’t reply comments fast enough for you, well, come back again. Heheh. I’ll eventually get around to it. And things will be back to normal once my PC is up.

OMG I suddenly have a craving for Arnold’s Fried Chicken. Luckily, it’s almost dinner time.

Have a great long weekend!

I saw Kelly Chen at VivoCity

I was at Golden Village VivoCity last night, just sitting at the wall sofa with my friends while we waited for our movie.

Suddenly, Wang Wang said, “Isn’t that Kelly Chen?”

I turned and looked.

“Yup,” I said.

Wang Wang said, “She’s so tall! And her eyes are so big!”

“Yeah,” I had to agree. “She’s very very pretty in real life.”

We sat there and watched as Hong Kong celebrity Kelly Chen, surrounded by security guards and minders, walked past us.

The cinema was quite empty at the time, so she only collected a small mob by the time she reached the other end of the foyer.

I’m not into chasing celebrities and I’m not a Kelly Chen fan, either, so I just sat there at first. But then I suddenly remembered that I have unwittingly turned myself into a pseudo-journalist with this blog, and that I have a duty to my readers, some of whom might be Kelly Chen fans.

So I sprung out of my seat and raced after Kelly Chen and her entourage.

She had to stop for a bit because her 15 or so fans were demanding autographs. I don’t know where they got it from, but they had posters of her latest movie, An Empress and The Warriors.

It was almost impossible to take a photo of her because everyone was stuffing posters in her face.

One of her minders kept yelling out in a strict voice, “Put it lower, put it lower!”

After a while, they finally did lower the posters and I managed to get a couple pictures.

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

Haha… she looks like she’s getting strangled by her fans.

That was all I managed to photograph before her minders pulled her away from the mob into Cinema 1.

Okay, side story!

I have been likened to Kelly Chen several times in the past, at different periods of my life when I sported a certain hairstyle.

In fact, every time I change my hairstyle, someone will comment that I look like a different celebrity or famous person. It’s damn weird lah. As if my face is plastacine.

Anyway, I used to not like it when people told me I look like Kelly Chen. I didn’t think she was that pretty. I prefer other kinds of pretty, like sweetie-pie Vivian Hsu, with big round anime eyes.

[Vivan Hsu]

I know she used to be a porn actress but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, I have to agree that I did look like Kelly Chen from some angles. But I know she’s much prettier than me, so don’t rub it in. Haha.

Here, I dug up a few photos. These were taken about four years ago when I had the Kelly Chen hairstyle.




Kelly Chen is mesmerising in real life. Maybe it’s that celebrity aura that most celebrities have. She sort of floated along like a goddess, standing a head taller than all the people guarding her, her face glowing.

She never smiled. Her expression was like you see in the photos the whole time.

It looks kinda cool, so I’m going to practise that.

Anyone wants to play at being my entourage and come and mob me some time so I can practise my goddess walk? Haha.

Why I love the LG KS20


I’m actually very surprised to say this but I am totally in love with the LG KS20!! (And I’m not just saying that because this is an advertorial.) I’m pleasantly surprised because I’ve been a Nokia fan since forever and never thought I’d like phones of other brands. Haha.

[I love my LG KS20!]

Ok this photo is damn weird, makes my face look long.

But never mind that since this blog is about the phone and not about how my face looks. Oh, yeah, I’d better post an official picture of the phone because my photos can never do justice to the KS20 since I’m so fond of taking photos in bad lighting.

So, professional photo!

[The LG KS20]

Sleek and shiny and slim! Doesn’t it look good? It looks as designer-ish as the LG Prada but is cheaper and better. In my opinion, the LG KS20 is the prettiest smartphone available in the market right now, so I don’t see what’s not to like about it.

[The LG KS20]

Okay, but that’s just me. I know I can’t fool all the rest of you non-bimbo types who could care less about looks.

So, let’s talk about other aspects of the phone.

I must be partial because my credibility is very important to me. So let me say this first: The KS20 isn’t perfect.

OMG I’ve said it.

*Waits to be smote by lightning*


Okay, see? Being honest is safe.

[The LG KS20]


I’m going to make it very easy for you. I’ll do a pros and cons list instead of try to sound like some expert thesis writer using big words and convoluted syntax to trick people into thinking that I know more than I actually do.

Okay, list.

What’s Great About the LG KS20

  • It’s sooooo beautiful. (I know. Starting my list with that declaration probably just shot my credibility as a reviewer to pieces but, really, it’s sooooo beautiful.)
  • The phone has a piano black finish! I mean, that sounds so classy and elegant, does it not! It makes me feel classy and elegant using it, even if everyone will claim that there are six degrees of separation between “classy and elegant” and Sheylara.

    [Me and the LG KS20]
    Pretending to be classy and elegant but not succeeding because of the cute flowers on the shoulder and the act-cute pose.

  • It’s fully touchscreen. That means you’ll look really cool sitting in the MRT poking all over your phone with either your finger or the stylus. You could even do it one-handed with your SMS-trained nimble thumb.
  • Best of all, the touchscreen doesn’t do dodgy things like launch applications by itself just because your face is touching it when you answer phone calls! In phone-call mode, the KS20 will automatically retard the touchscreen function so you don’t start launching stupid applications accidentally.
  • It runs on Windows Mobile 6 Pro like most smartphones worth any salt, so it’s very easy to get used to the interface if you’re a Windows PC user.

    [The UI!]

  • It supports GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and HSDPA (3.6Mbps). The last one is VERY IMPORTANT because it gives you the fastest mobile Internet connection.
  • It’s the smallest and slimmest Windows Mobile 6 smartphone you can find out there right now (weighs 92.5g and measures 100mm x 58mm x 12.8mm).

    [Sleek and slim]

  • You can do e-mails on outlook. (So make sure you don’t let your boss know that you own this phone.)


  • You can choose between using the Qwerty keypad, which you can poke at with the stylus (or your fingers if you have baby-sized fingers), and using the handwriting feature.
  • It has two camera lenses so you can camwhore effectively by switching the lens to the screen side to see yourself when snapping the picture! (Well, that’s not really unique but it’s cool all the same!)

    [Camwhoring made easy]

  • You can flip the screen to landscape mode to minimise left-right scrolling of web pages.

    [Landscape mode]

  • The Geekfather tells me that the phone is powered by Qualcomm’s MSM7200 400 MHz processor with 256MB ROM and 128MB of RAM, which all sounds like gibberish to me, but it means that I can open like eight applications on the phone before it starts lagging, It’s REALLY AWESOME. Better than my ex-PC! Haha.
  • You can choose to navigate the phone using either the Windows UI or switch to mobile phone UI if you prefer your phone looking like a phone rather than acting like a PC.

    [Traditional phone UI]

  • For a brand new launch, it’s cheap at $888 for all the features it promises, I mean compared to the iPhone when it was first launched.

What’s Not So Great About the LG KS20

  • It’s a fingerprint magnet. But most beautiful elegant glossy sleek black phones are, so that’s just something we as vain human beings have to learn to live with.
  • The screen is pretty small for a smartphone (2.8″) but it’s big enough for me. I mean, if you want a small and sleek phone, you can’t expect the screen to get any bigger.
  • The USB port isn’t a regular USB port, so you have to lug around a special USB cable to use the USB on the go.

    [USB port]

  • The audio jack doesn’t support regular 3.5mm earphones, which means another cable to lug around.
  • The phone only supports up to a 2GB microSD card for additional storage. But what if I want to have my entire MP3 collection in my phone so I can look really well-connected and trendy? Or if I want to film a three-hour party or something like that?
  • The handwriting recognition is a little slow. After you write something (whether a letter, a word, or a whole sentence), it will wait like two seconds before whatever you wrote gets input. That means, to get your money’s worth, you should always write whole sentences at once instead of a word at a time.
  • If you’re using the casing that comes with the phone, the stylus is quite hard to pluck out because the case gets in the way.
  • The camera is only 2 megapixels and the photo quality isn’t that great, so I still have to use my Lumix for photo-taking.

That’s it for my list. I may have missed out a few things but don’t get upset because nobody and nothing is perfect. ;)

But the KS20 works well for me because its faults are something I can live with and the pluses more than make up for the minuses.

In a nutshell, the LG KS20 is for you if you want something as pretty as the iPhone and as feature-rich as the latest PDA at a budget price!

But don’t just take my word for it. I welcome all smartphone fans and experts to agree or disagree with me.

Fire away!