Goonfather’s Goonmobile

I should start a new category on the Goonfather, who just won’t quit being a nutcase.

In fact, I could start a separate blog about him and have more things to write in it than about myself.

Except that he hates being in the limelight, so I can’t blog about him too often or he’ll get shy and run away.

But I just have to post this picture.

Goonfather watering his car!

Gong xi fa cai, may it grow big and strong and clever.

That aside, allow me to wish my blog readers (who all seem to have vanished, as a matter of fact) a happy lunar new year. May you also grow big and strong and clever! And rich, so you can donate some funds over here.

No, actually, may I get rich myself so I can provide my own funds. Yippee!


And, finally, many many fish to you.

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33 thoughts on “Goonfather’s Goonmobile

  1. Happy New Year Sheylala!
    Too busy playing Vanguard :D

    Where you? Our tailors have already prepared multiple sets of JHSU in different pastel colours awaiting your arrival!

  2. acroamatic: Cool! Happy New Year back to ya! ;)

    moralis: Vanguard got JHSU???! Don’t bluff. Hahaha… Anyway, I don’t think my computer can support Vanguard. It’s almost 4 years old and it can barely support EQ2 as it is. :(

  3. WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Goonfather is ever so funny.

    I can’t stop laughing at the picture and the description LOL!!!

    And Happy Lunar New Year to you too QY! :D

  4. Jaywalk: Thanks!! Happy CNY to you too!

    Lex: Haha… I’ll tell Goonfather you think he’s funny. =P Happy new year!

    Jeremy: Cool, thanks! Happy new year back to you and your family!

    Shell: Oh yeah, that’s a worthy goal to pursue. I think you’re already 2/3 there, so keep it up! ;)

  5. starmist: hehe thanks! :)

    Shingo: Happy new year back to ya! ;)

    Val: Haha you know right? It’ll be hilarious if I start a new blog on him, lol.

    SC: Who are you, then? :P

    Mother: You keep going on this track, the Goonfather is going to ban me from talking about him on my blog… just like your other “baby” (He who cannot be named) banned me from talking about him. O_o

    nadnut: thanks! ;)

    alvinaloy: lol… that’s a good one!

  6. hi there .. Qiaoyun .. :)

    who am i? that’s a good question .. i am someone that reads your blog … someone that does not really know who is GOONFATHER … an old lady …. now staying in HK..

    so .. care to tell me who is GOONFATHER? hehehe :)

  7. @Sheylara: Haha, the initial sighting of Makkuro! So the rumours ARE true, you CAN grow miniature cars with constant watering:)

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