Journal – October 16

Journal - October 16




I’m grateful that Piers takes out all the rubbish and recycling and never expects me to!


I’m quite sure that some people aren’t meant to do housework and I am one of them because I always get hurt. Last night, the tip of a garlic clove pricked my finger while I was making dinner. I mean it actually drew blood! Who gets bloodied by a stupid garlic clove?! And today while making the bed, I was pulling the sheets straight to tuck the edges in when my fingers slipped and the back of my hand forcefully hit an iron rod. Who gets bruised making the bed?! FML.

Addiction Part 1

I resolved to nip my addiction to The King’s Avatar in the bud today. I’d read it during my walk 3 days in a row now. So, today – a brave sigh, headphones on, Audible on.

But. What’s this? Audible is broken. I can’t get anything to play! And Piers said he’s having similar problems with Amazon Music. No choice but to read you know what! Nooooooo!!! (But secretly: Yessssss!!)

Addiction Part 2

My resolve is real. I managed to stop myself reading it in bed so a point for Team Win!


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Journal – October 15

Journal - October 15


5K spread




I’m so grateful for 5K followers! I feel like I haven’t been properly depressed since I started bullet journalling, partly because it’s fun and therapeutic, and partly because it’s harder to feel down when you feel so much love and support from thousands of people, most of whom you don’t know personally. It’s quite strange if you think about it. All the same I’ve very grateful!

Log Puzzle

We had a wood delivery today and I helped stack them in the shed while Piers wheelbarrowed them from the garage. It’s only 1.6 cubic metres and didn’t look a lot but it took us like an hour to get it all sorted.

It could have been fun stacking the logs because it’s like a puzzle, fitting the right shapes together to maximise space, but Piers was transporting them faster than I was stacking them so I had to hurry to match his speed. Otherwise, I would have been buried in logs.

He gave me a bruise one time when he tipped the logs next to me and one of them jumped up onto my ankle. Ouch.


My addiction to The King’s Avatar is getting serious! I’m now reading it during my walks and before sleeping, instead of only during meals!


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Journal – October 13-14

Journal - October 13-14



Cheat Day

I am grateful for cheat days! lol! Tonight we had a surprise birthday celebration dinner for Joycey at Turtle Bay so that means yummy cocktails! Since it’s a cheat day, I also had some chocolate popcorn on the way there because I was starving. OMG chocolate popcorn is so yums I don’t know when I’ll ever get to have it again!

Loud Dinner

I love Turtle Bay but loud music really isn’t the best thing for dinner conversation. I have trouble following group conversations even normally, so in places where we must shout to be heard, I’m really tested!


I don’t know if I should scold Chong or thank him for getting me addicted to The King’s Avatar. It’s such an amazing story I can’t get enough of it. Luckily the web novel has 1800 chapters and it’s still ongoing! But I read it on my phone while doing my walk today, which is very naughty, but I really needed to find out how it went and I wasn’t going to have any time the rest of the day to read it!


My favourite bullet journaller @christina77star mentioned me today!


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Journal – October 11-12

Journal - October 11-12




I’m grateful for fruits! Had a sweet and juicy mango I had to wait a week to ripen adequately but it satisfied my need for sugary desserts!


Going to monthly WI meetings is going to test my willpower because they always serve cakes at the end of the meetings! I managed to resist the Victoria Sponge tonight and am very proud but I so miss the days when I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted!


But my efforts have paid off! My health score at Adam’s has improved again!

August Health Score – 62%
September Health Score – 73%
October Health Score – 77%


What is going on? Managed to sleep 8.5 hours without much trouble but Fitbit only recorded 4 minutes of deep sleep! Mind, you are not co-operating!


This box has been empty for a whole hour as I stared at it and wanted to fill it in but didn’t want to write anything that came to mind because I had a sudden upset and my mind is screaming and my heart is heavy.


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Journal – October 8-10

Journal - October 8-10


Transcription (Oct 8-9)


I’m honestly quite surprised that this month’s bujo is proving more popular, so my Instagram follower count has been increasing very quickly. 4K followers! I thought people wouldn’t like the slight change in style, but I’ve always been bad at predicting what people like anyway! Regardless, Im so very grateful for this blessing and am very thankful to everyone who likes my amateurish art!

The Undecided Couple

I’m calling us The Undecided Couple from now on. We had to toss a coin to decide dinner tonight. And 4 years ago we had to toss a coin to decide whether to have a wedding ceremony!

Evil Forces

Evil forces are stopping me form watching Harry Potter! Our new 4K TV arrived today. After waiting 18 days, then 4 days (ref. Oct 5) to watch the movie, I could have, today, except when I went to iTunes Store, the complete collection isn’t there anymore! It was still there an hour before!

Now, only single movies are available at £10 instead of £40 for 8! I sent Apple an email but in the meantime, more waiting!


Did a 65-minute walk today despite being very cold and tired!


Transcription (Oct 10)

Good Forces

It wasn’t evil forces after all! It was a blessing in disguise! The Harry Potter complete collection came back to the iTunes Store £10 cheaper than before! I mean it’s a small amount but waiting for a total of 23 days for that saving seems worth it, lol. Now I’ve got all the 8 Harry Potter movies in 4K with extras for £30!

Artistic TV

I love our new Samsung Frame TV! It turns into a piece of art when the TV is off. There’s all kinds of styles of art to choose from and we can keep changing it. Only problem is Piers and I have very different tastes in art so I expect I’ll have to change it more often than I like!


I’m grateful for all the silver linings and blessings in disguise I’ve encountered in my life. As much as I love ranting and as much as I fall into depression, I do deep down believe that things kind of work out eventually and happy things do happen. and when they do, feel very grateful because gratitude enhances happiness.

Migrating Swans

Big noisy swans have been flying past our house quite a lot this month. I wonder where they’re going. I wish they’d stop here!


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